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[THREDDS #EFD-388660]: File Access Problems With TDS 4.18?


I was wondering if anyone has had the following experience.  I have set up my 
catalog to serve GRIB files as "Best" and "Files"

<featureCollection name="ds083.2"
   <metadata inherited="true">
       <documentation type="summary"></documentation>

   <collection name="ds083.2" 
               olderThan="0 min"/>

   <gribConfig datasetTypes="Best Files"/>
   <update startup="true" trigger="allow"/>

When running under 4.17 or 4.18, connecting to the access services (OPeNDAP, 
NCSS, CDMRemote, WCSA, WMS, ISO, NcML, UDDC) "Best" aggregation works fine. 

When attempting to use these respective services at each specific file they 
work when running 4.17, but I get a 404 Not Found error when running 4.18  I 
can plug the same URL that works in 4.17 and it doesn't work in 4.18, and vice 
versa (after clearing the cache in my browser).

I'm not seeing anything notable in the logs.

I have created separate thredds installs with identical catalogs and clean 
caches.  The index files seem to be of proper size.  I can repeatedly switch 
between the two (stop tomcat, change sym links, start tomcat) and reproduce 
this behavior.  I can clear out the respective caches and restart tomcat and 
get the same behavior.

Has anyone else run into this?


Kevin Manross
NCAR/CISL/Data Support Section
Phone: (303)-497-1218

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