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[THREDDS #QYQ-125501]: ConstantOffsets 404 error


I have a collection of ROMS model forecast runs set up in an FMRC. My "TwoD" 
and "Runs" datasets work fine. However, the "ConstantOffsets" dataset gives a 
404 not found when you try to access it. No errors appear in any THREDDS or 
tomcat logs. Interestingly it's only when you try to access:


meaning you get the meta data page with the OPeNDAP access link but get a 404 
when you click that link.

I have a very similar dataset (a few less variables and slightly different 
run-time) that works fine. The biggest difference is that the dataset that 
doesn't work was created in NetCDF-4 format. However, I have tried converting 
the files (with NCO) to NetCDF-3 and still get the same 404 error. I have even 
converted the working dataset to NetCDF-4 and that dataset continues to work.

I have turned "Files" on for the "ROMS ESPRESSO Real-Time Operational IS4DVAR 
Forecast System Version 2 2013-present" datasets at:


if anyone would like to reproduce this. Perhaps with a debugging build of the 
TDS. I am using Java 1.7.0_21, Tomcat 7.0.40 and THREDDS 4.3.16 - 20130319.1353.

A subset of the working, older dataset is the last link on that page.

David Robertson

catalog.xml excerpt:

         <metadata inherited="true">
            <documentation type="summary">
               Runs and offset collections for history
                     dateFormatMark="#espresso_his_#yyyyMMdd_HHmm" />
         <update startup="nocheck" trigger="allow" />
         <protoDataset choice="Penultimate">
               <remove name="ocean_time" type="variable" />
         <fmrcConfig regularize="false" datasetTypes="TwoD Runs ConstantOffsets 
Files" />

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