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Re: [thredds] TDS release candidate 4.3.17

Hi Kevin:

If I bring it into ToolsUI, Coordinate system tab, i see that there are 5 different time coordinates for the different variables. 2 start at 1999-08-14T12:00:00Z, the other 3 at 1999-07-30T18:00:00Z.

Not sure if NCSS is handling this well, we will look at on monday.


On 5/31/2013 3:48 PM, Kevin Manross wrote:

Hi John,

Thanks again for the update and the guidance.

I've played around with things a bit and here's what I'm finding:

+ I am no longer getting the "Variable name (Pressure_surface) must be
unique within Group" error anywhere

+ I have been using the NetCDF Subset Service as a quick sanity check
for the timespan.  When I look at the Best Timesries for the entire
dataset, it appears to miss the first 15 days.  Please see the following

Note the "Base Time" and the "Choose Time Subset" both start at
1999-08-14 12Z, though the data actually start on 1999-07-30 18z.

+  However, when I select the first month of the data (you can see this
it indeed starts at the first data file on 1999-07-30 18z.

+ Additionally, when I pull the data via IDV, the data start on the
proper July date.

+ When looking at the time fields in the OPeNDAP service page for the
whole Best Timeseries, it shows "Hours since 2013-04-01".  See:

this is a bit puzzling.

+  The OPeNDAP clients (well, at least the IDV) seem to be able to
access all the available files all the way to the beginning of the dataset.

So, bottom line is that it appears the data are available through TDS,
though some of the services may not be handling the time well.

Thanks again!


On 5/31/13 11:25 AM, John Caron wrote:

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