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[THREDDS #GJF-200148]: TDS 4.3 GRIB names different from TDS 4.2


I did a little more digging, and I don't think the file name extension will 
matter - that was my misinterpretation of how the table was getting picked up.  
However, you will probably have the best result directly embedding the table 
information in your featureCollection element using the xml notation.  It looks 
like you tried this already, so I am not sure why it did not work for you.  It 
is possible that it broke because you did not follow udunits standard -- for 
instance, square meters is notated as m^2, rather than m(superscript)2.  The 
code you are asking about is just the number that identifies the grib parameter.

Inside your <featureCollection> element:

    <parameter code="2">  <<-- This will override the standard table values for 
parameter 2 (code < 128 are standard, > 128 are local) 
      <description>Pressure reduced to MSL</description>
    <parameter code="131">
      <description>Snowfall rate</description>
      <units>kg/m^2.s</units> <<--Compound units are notated with a dot, so 
/m^2/s is just /m^2.s


-Lansing Madry
  Boulder, Colorado

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Ticket ID: GJF-200148
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