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[THREDDS #GJF-200148]: TDS 4.3 GRIB names different from TDS 4.2

Hi Fan,

I created an e-support ticket for your question, as it is easier for us to 
manage issues if they aren't tied to somebody's inbox. I'll be looking into a 
solution for your issue.

-Lansing Madry
Boulder, Colorado

> -------- Original Message --------
> Subject: grib table in feature collection
> Date: Thu, 16 May 2013 10:12:43 -0400
> From: Fan Fang <address@hidden>
> To: <address@hidden>
> Hi John,
> I am experimenting with the new featureCollection in TDS 4.3.  So far so
> good, except that the variable names are very different from what 4.2
> gives for our NLDAS and GLDAS datasets.  We like the old names, and
> tried to insert our grib table but unsuccessful.  I couldn't find a
> sample table at your sites so I wonder if you can help me here.
> I have this in catalog.xml:
> <featureCollection name="GLDAS_NOAH025SUBP_3H_fc" featureType="GRIB"
> path="GLDAS_NOAH025SUBP_3H_fc">
> <collection
> spec="/ftp/data/s4pa_TS2/TEST_OPENDAP/GLDAS_NOAH025SUBP_3H/GLDAS_NOAH025SUBP_3H.A#yyyyDDD.HHmm#\.001.*\.grb$"
> name="GLDAS_NOAH025SUBP_3H_fc"/>
> <metadata inherited="true">
> <dataFormat>GRIB-1</dataFormat>
> <dataType>Grid</dataType>
> </metadata>
> <serviceName>odapncss</serviceName>
> <gribConfig>
> <gribParameterTable>/home/ffang/gribtab.noah</gribParameterTable>
> </gribConfig>
> </featureCollection>
> The table "/home/ffang/gribtab.noah" looks like this (first few lines):
> -1:-1:-1:-1
> 111:SWnet:Net Shortwave Radiation           W/m^2
> 112:LWnet:Net Longwave Radiation            W/m^2
> 121:Qle:Latent Heat Flux                  W/m^2
> 122:Qh:Sensible Heat Flux                W/m^2
> 155:Qg:Ground Heat Flux                  W/m^2
> 131:Snowf:Snowfall rate                     kg/m^2/s
> 132:Rainf:Rainfall rate                     kg/m^2/s
> I also tried something like this enclosed in <featureCollection/>
> <gribConfig>
> <parameterMap>
> <parameter code="131">
> <description>Snowfall rate</description>
> <units>kg/m^2/s</units>
> <name>Snowf</name>
> </parameter>
> which brings the question - what is the 'code'?  Isn't it the so-called
> Grib PDS IDs?
> Thanks.
> -Fan

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