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[THREDDS #QCX-921252]: Wrong dates reported by thredds 4.3

Hello Rostislav,

I downloaded a few days worth of files from your TDS and experimented with 
setting up a local TDS to help with your questions.  To answer your first 
question, what you are observing is a feature, but I think you are 
misinterpreting the data.  With a datasetScan such as you have, the time 
reported is the last time the file was modified (i.e., touched on your server), 
not the time or date information contained in the file.  To answer your second 
question, I believe what you really want to do is to set up a 
featureCollection, instead of a datasetScan.  Here is a simple example that I 
used locally:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<catalog name="THREDDS Server Default Catalog : You must change this to fit 
your server!"

  <service name="all" base="" serviceType="compound">
    <service name="odap" serviceType="OpenDAP" base="/thredds/dodsC/" />
    <service name="http" serviceType="HTTPServer" base="/thredds/fileServer/" />
    <!--service name="wcs" serviceType="WCS" base="/thredds/wcs/" /-->
    <service name="wms" serviceType="WMS" base="/thredds/wms/" />
    <service name="ncss" serviceType="NetcdfSubset" base="/thredds/ncss/grid/" 

  <dataset name="Rostislav">
    <featureCollection name="Rostislavnc4data" featureType="FMRC" 
harvest="true" path="rostislav/fmrc">
      <metadata inherited="true">
      <collection spec="C:/Users/madry/work/RostislavKouznetsov/.*nc4" />

This sets your data up to be served as a single logical unit via the NetCDF 
Subset Service.  After you have changed the names and paths to suit your 
system, you will also need to edit the threddsConfig.xml file to turn the 
NetcdfSubsetService on.  You do this by uncommenting the relevant block of xml 
and setting <allow> to true:

  The Netcdf Subset Service is off by default.
    <scour>10 min</scour>
    <maxAge>-1 min</maxAge>

Let me know if you need any further assistance.

  Lansing Madry
  Boulder, Colorado

> Hello,
> I have put a collection of daily files into thredds, one field per day.
> http://silam.fmi.fi/thredds/catalog/fires3/catalog.html
> Unfortunately it reports wrong times for them.  e.g.
> http://silam.fmi.fi/thredds/catalog/fires3/catalog.html?dataset=fires3/reanal_v1_3_global_20130410.nc4
> shows "date 2013-04-15T09:01:19Z (modified)" instead of something like
> 2013-04-10T00:00:00Z.
> The dataset is described as:
> <datasetScan name="Fires3" path="fires3"
> location="/data/thredds/Fires/"  suffix=".nc4">
> <serviceName>all</serviceName>
> </datasetScan>
> Is it a bug or a feature?
> Can I somehow configure thredds to report these files as a single
> dataset?
> Thank you!
> Best regards,
> Rostislav
> --
> Rostislav Kouznetsov
> **************************************
> Air quality
> Finnish Meteorological Institute
> PL-503 FI-00101 Helsinki Finland
> Phone: +358 29 539 4630
> **************************************

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