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[THREDDS #GHR-456072]: nullPointerException in when accessing 4.3.15 GRIB featureCollection's

Sorry, didnt notice this before:

0) the namanl dataset seems to be GRIB-1, not GRIB-2

  the gbx9 indexes may be corrupted; they should regenerate correctly once you 
fix, but double check, and delete and let it reindex again if they look too 
small (close to zero)

1) change

            timePartition="1 day"


            timePartition="1 day"

( I assume you only want stuff ending in "_000.grb" ? analysis only ??

2) I also see in serverStartup.log that the netccdf4 lib is not getting found:

2013-03-12T16:42:57.025-0400 [       407][        ] serverStartup: netcdf4 c 
library not present jna_path='/san5102/netcdf4' libname='netcdf4' Unable to 
load library 'netcdf4': libnetcdf4.so: cannot open shared object file: No such 
file or directory

3) change (2 places) :

        <gribConfig datasetTypes="Best Latest Files" />


        <gribConfig datasetTypes="Best Files" />

we are getting there....

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Ticket ID: GHR-456072
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