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More on reading FNMOC Grib

Hi Ethan:

Have you made any progress with the GRIB files from FNMOC I sent?  I have tried 
everything I can think of, in every combination and it fails if I cross months.

Well, just to make your day, we are now dealing with a new set of GRIB files 
from FNMOC, now related to their NAVGEM model instead of their NOGAPS model. 
Look at:


Here are a list of typos:

1) For
long_name for geop_ht_isobaric
shouldn't "mas" be "mass"?

2) For http://thredds1.pfeg.noaa.gov/thredds/dodsC/FNMOC/navgem/500Mb/best.html
for isobaric,
shouldn't positive "down" be "up"?
And shouldn't _CoordinateZisPositive "down" be "up"?

3) At
for the long_name for wnd_vcmp_mn_trnc18_height_above_ground,
shouldn't "movrement" be "movement"?

4) At
for the long_name for wnd_vcmp_mn_trnc18_height_above_ground,
shouldn't "movrement" be "movement"?

All of these I believe are generated by TDS from the GRIB files (I certainly do 
not have anything in the catalog.xml).  I believe all of these are correct in 
the original grib, a new one being created by FNMOC.  I have attached two 
files, let me know if they get through okay,  All of these files are read 
correctly by the program wgrib if you want some comparison with your grib 


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