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[THREDDS #JWN-928251]: Two suggestions for enhancement of CF-compliant data when accessed via NCSS point dataset

Hi Rich, 

thank you for reporting this, actually, you get that behavior in NCSS Grid 
requests and will be fixed in 4.3.16 for grid as point requests. Basically, 
you'll get the closest vertical level to the value in the vertCoord.
Also, we'll add the vertCoord input to the NCSS form that was disabled when we 
refactored the NCSS in the transition from 4.2 to 4.3 but we never put it back 
We are working as well in adding all the variables needed for the coordinate 
transformations in the grid requests and adding the actual depths in the grid 
as point responses. 
Allowing the user to subset using actual depths is a bit harder. In the grid 
case if you allow users to request the 50m depth, you have to find out for each 
time and grid point in which level fit that depth and build a new grid and that 
could be a lot of processing. In the grid as point, you can not give the users 
any reference values or a range for the vertical levels the may request and 
they must know beforehand how deep is the point they are requesting and be 
aware if they request 500m for a point 10m deep they are going to get the value 
at 10m...
I'll keep the related jira tickets updated and let you know if all these 
features finally go in the 4.3.16 release.


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