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[THREDDS #KMR-469340]: Feature Collection Time Limits

> We've got a bunch of forecast data available that we would like to aggregate 
> using Feature Collection.  However, we don't want to aggregate it all....we 
> only want the last week, or last month, last 3 months, etc. worths of data.
> Is there a way to limit how far back in time to go when aggregating files in 
> a feature collection?
> Jrd

If you want a collection to go back to a certain time, for instance only data 
files from 2012, then you could set up your dateFormatMark to exclude the YYYY 
portion of your filenames from the collection.  Likewise, if you only wanted 
this month's data, then you would hard code the year and month in your 
collection and let the days "float" inside the dateFormatMark.  I don't believe 
that we currently support a rolling cutoff.  I'll put this in as a feature 

In the meantime, I would suggest setting up a script that runs once a day and 
simply puts the files you would like to aggregate (for instance, the latest 30 
data files from your archive) into a unique directory for the TDS to aggregate 
on.  That would probably be the easiest route to go at this point.


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