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Re: River Forecasting Center Aggregations

On 8/4/2012 1:34 PM, David Blodgett wrote:
This is interesting. I'll need to look at the grid more closely to know what we 
want to do. Thanks for getting back to us on this.

Until we have a different solution, can you ignore the shift just to get the main service back up and running.

ill see what i can do on 8081. it requires a complete re-indexing of that dataset. not a big deal but typically the service is unstable for 15-30 minutes.

We've been trying to find a way that we can take over hosting this data by signing up for the IDD stream, but have run into a number of road blocks. The latest is the DOI web application firewall which only allows incoming connections over HTTP and setting up a DMZ is pretty much out of the question. I'm working with some folks from the weather service on this and we will find a solution eventually. In the short run, do you mind continuing to host the real time stream on Motherlode?

no problem

Last question, sorry to pester. This IDD stream was being hosted on an FTP that went down in early June. We made a bad assumption, that motherlode had a 45 day window of the data. Just realized this yesterday. So our archive is now missing 7 days. Guessing there's nothing to be done at this point? There's no chance of a few extra days still sitting around in a location hidden to the motherlode server is there?

NCDC is the most likely place to find archive data.

Thanks for all your help John, we really appreciate it.

you betcha!

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