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[THREDDS #YRL-997326]: Follow-up on TDS discussion

Hi Don,

We have been testing the TDS 4.3 requirement for Tomcat and are not seeing any 
problems with it running under the latest Tomcat 6. Lansing will be sending out 
an email to the thredds list about this.

John is looking at how extensive the aggregation issue is in 4.2. However, the 
fix in 4.3 is not a simple port to 4.2 so it still may not be feasible for us 
to back port the change. We'll email the thredds list when we have a better 
understanding of the situation.


Don Murray wrote:
> Ethan and Lansing (and John)-
> I just wanted to follow up on our conversations during the recent
> Unidata workshop about the TDS problems/concerns we have at NOAA/ESRL/PSD.
> - Time aggregation in TDS 4.2:
> Although there appears to be a fix in TDS 4.3 to the aggregation problem
> that Hoop reported, that does not help us in the short term.  As a NOAA
> shop, we can't really run alpha/beta software on our operational
> machines.  We are hoping that the fix could be rolled back into 4.2.
> Ethan said he'd check with John to see if that was possible. A main
> purpose of our recent equipment grant was to upgrade our TDS and create
> time aggregations, but this keeps us from doing the latter. We have
> users who would like to have these sooner rather than later (e.g. the
> USGS CIDA folks).
> Also, Hoop was wondering if the fix applies just to FeatureCollections,
> or will it work for NcML aggregations.
> - Requirement of Tomcat 7 for TDS 4.3
> In discussions with Sean Arms, it appears that TDS 4.3 will require
> Tomcat 7 due to a problem with Tomcat 6 and Spring.  This puts us (and
> presumably other NOAA sites) in a bind because we have restrictions on
> what versions of software we can use.  Currently, Tomcat 7 is not
> available through yum for the version of RedHat that NOAA uses (RHEL 6)
> and our system admins need to use officially supported/available
> versions of software on our web servers.  Sean said he has been testing
> TDS 4.3 under Tomcat 6 and has not seen any problems, so we are
> wondering if that will be an option for us.
> We understand the desire to move ahead with newer technologies, but for
> us there is the reality that things move slower in the real world than
> they do on the cutting edge.
> Thanks for any clarifications you can provide on these issues.
> Don
> --
> Don Murray

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