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[netCDFJava #SSN-631180]: Re: more grib issues

> I've been getting my feet wet with this stuff, and I'm finally coming
> back to this issue.  I've tried to throw away the 6-hour intervals using
> the method described in the documentation, but it doesn't seem to work
> for me.  Have you tested this on the RFC grib format? If so, could you
> possibly send a sample my way?  I'm really trying to tackle this mixed
> interval problem (by throwing away non 1-hour intervals) in a complete
> way, so any tips you have would be greatly appreciated.
> Also, we are currently downloading these grib files from the NPVU ftp
> server to build an updating archive.  Our worry however is that the NPVU
> losing funding will cause this server to be shut down.  Would it make
> sense for us to pursue getting hooked up to the IDD so we can have
> access to this (and possibly other datasets) in a more proper way?  We
> are not sure what the implications of hooking up to IDD streams is, but
> it seems like we should start considering this as an option.

motherlode catalogs are in github.
this is what i currently have for RFC:

    <dataset name="NWS National Precipitation Verification Unit">

      <metadata inherited="true">
        <documentation xlink:href="http://www.hpc.ncep.noaa.gov/npvu/";
                       xlink:title="National Precipitation Verification Unit 
            xlink:title="NPVU Overview (ppt)"/>
          <name vocabulary="DIF">DOC/NOAA/NWS/NPVU</name>
          <contact url="http://www.ncep.noaa.gov/"; 

      <featureCollection name="RFC" featureType="GRIB" harvest="true" 
        <collection spec="/data/ldm/pub/native/grid/NPVU/RFC/**/.*grib1$"
                    olderThan="5 min"/>
        <tdm startup="true" rescan="0 0/15 * * * ? *" trigger="allow"/>

          <gdsName hash='-1960629519' groupName='KTUA:Arkansas-Red River RFC'/>
          <gdsName hash='-1819879011' groupName='KFWR:West Gulf RFC'/>
          <gdsName hash='-1571856555' groupName='KORN:Lower Mississippi RFC'/>
          <gdsName hash='-1491065322' groupName='KKRF:Missouri Basin RFC'/>
          <gdsName hash='-1017807718' groupName='TSJU:San Juan PR WFO'/>
          <gdsName hash='-1003775954' groupName='NCEP-QPE National Mosaic'/>
          <gdsName hash='-529497359' groupName='KRHA:Middle Atlantic RFC'/>
          <gdsName hash='289752153' groupName='KRSA:California-Nevada RFC-6hr'/>
          <gdsName hash='424971237' groupName='KRSA:California-Nevada RFC-1hr'/>
          <gdsName hash='511861653' groupName='KTIR:Ohio Basin RFC'/>
          <gdsName hash='880498701' groupName='KPTR:Northwest RFC'/>
          <gdsName hash='1123818409' groupName='KTAR:Northeast RFC'/>
          <gdsName hash='1174418106' groupName='KNES-National Satellite 
          <gdsName hash='1193085709' groupName='KMSR:North Central RFC'/>
          <gdsName hash='1464276934' groupName='KSTR:Colorado Basin RFC'/>
          <gdsName hash='1815048381' groupName='KALR:Southeast RFC'/>


not currently throwing away the 6-hour intervals. which has that problem?

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