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[THREDDS #DIR-764547]: Forecast model information

> Dear Sir or Madam,
> if you would be kind to provide us with some information regarding
> forecasting model on your server. As a part of prediction model, we use
> weather forecast data for predicting output power production profile of
> a photovoltaic panel. Until now, we were working with past
> meteorological data available in the National Solar Radiation Data Base
> (NSRDB). However, to verify models' real prediction capabilities, we
> need future weather data (e.g. dry-bulb temperature, local air pressure,
> precipitable water vapor thickness, aerosol optical thickness, total and
> opaque cloud cover), and that's how we found forecast model on your
> server (model on this LINK
> <http://motherlode.ucar.edu:8080/thredds/catalog/fmrc/NCEP/GFS/Global_0p5deg/runs/catalog.html>
>  ).
> But we have trouble finding directions on how to use aforementioned
> weather forecast model. For instance, how to use variables like time,
> time1, time2, run, lat, lon etc. Are there any directions or tutorial
> on how to use forecast model available on your server?
> Sincerely,
> Marko Gulin
> --
> Marko Gulin, M.Sc.E.E.
> Department of Control and Computer Engineering
> Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing
> University of Zagreb
> Unska 3, HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia
> Tel.: +385 1 6129 893
> Fax.: +385 1 6129 809
> E-mail: address@hidden <mailto:address@hidden>
Dear Marko,

I'm afraid that Unidata does not actually provide support for the forecast 
models that generate the data you are referencing.  We merely act as a conduit 
to serve the data to those interested in it.  The data files on our servers are 
created by many different research groups, and as near as I can tell, you may 
find the information you are looking for here:


Kind Regards,
  Lansing Madry
  Boulder, Colorado

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