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Re: tomcat memory usage

On 1/10/2012 1:37 PM, Shen Yingshuo wrote:
Hi John,

   I am running an ESG data node at GSFC.   It uses THREDDS as its
component.   I have run into THREDDS crash twice due to lack of memory
allocated to tomcat.  As you may know that ESG publication process
generates a lot xml file, and this may cause tomcat memory problem.
We are almost at the limit of system memory (8G)  that can be
allocated to tomcat (currently 6G).   So we request the Government
(our client) to buy more memory for our data node.   One question (may
be very silly to you) is that how tomcat memory is related to xml file
size ?  Right now we have total 120MB xml for the THREDDS, and we use
6G for the tomcat.   One question would be "why 3G tomcat memory can't
handle 120MB xml files ?"

  By the way, I saw your facebook, and added you as my friend, and got
your acceptance, thanks..

Hi shen:

use version > 4.2.8 and turn off catalog caching:


nice to hear from you, how is hawaii?


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