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[THREDDS #BDM-555642]: Motherlode Thredds Change?

Hi Daryl,

No the url hasn't changed and I'm getting the same results as you.

        NCEP-RUC2-CONUS_20km-pressure_RUN_2011-12-01T21:00:00Z          --

The file access is updating so the data is arriving and available.

         RUC2_CONUS_20km_pressure_20111202_1500.grib2   200.6 Mbytes    
2011-12-02 16:13:16Z
         RUC2_CONUS_20km_pressure_20111202_1400.grib2   200.7 Mbytes    
2011-12-02 15:13:24Z
         RUC2_CONUS_20km_pressure_20111202_1300.grib2   201.4 Mbytes    
2011-12-02 14:12:49Z
         RUC2_CONUS_20km_pressure_20111202_1200.grib2   201.6 Mbytes    
2011-12-02 13:46:56Z
         RUC2_CONUS_20km_pressure_20111202_1100.grib2   201.5 Mbytes    
2011-12-02 12:13:12Z
         RUC2_CONUS_20km_pressure_20111202_1000.grib2   201.8 Mbytes    
2011-12-02 11:13:02Z

Ethan might have an explanation for this?


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