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Re: fmrc error

HI John,
Thanks for the reply

>>> of issues that I hope you can help with. One, when I enable all
>>> services (dods, wcs, wms, nccs) it seems like the server times out and
>>> I get a blank screen. So far I've tried dods and wms alone and they
>>> work. Haven't gotten around to test the others, but I think ncss may
>>> be the problem.
> hmm, i havent seen that, but these a good change you are getting an error in
> threddsServlet.log. try to make it happen and then check in the logs.

I wasn't able to recreate this problem, and it works fine now. Maybe
some sort of server load issue.

>>> Second, my data is saved in a filesystem like
>>> /data1/HFRadar/RTV/USWC/YYYY_MM/NetCDF/#yyyyMMddHHmm#_HFRadar_USWC_6km_rtv_SIO.nc$
>>> I'd like to scan all the folders under NetCDF. but when I use
>>> /data1/HFRadar/RTV/USWC/**/NetCDF/#yyyyMMddHHmm#_HFRadar_USWC_6km_rtv_SIO.nc$
>>> it doesn't work. It will work supplying the actual YYYY_MM folder ie:
>>> /data1/HFRadar/RTV/USWC/2011_07/NetCDF/#yyyyMMddHHmm#_HFRadar_USWC_6km_rtv_SIO.nc$
> i think this is a problem where the /**/ actually has to be at the end of
> the path, ie /root/**/regexp. I will have to test this to be sure.
I was able to get this to work with the following:

So I guess it just skips the NetCDF directory.
So thanks again for the help!

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