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[IDD #NMW-982983]: Re: requesting access to Fukushima dataset.

Hi Ken,

The THREDDS Data Server (TDS) does not currently support batch download of a 
directory full of datasets. It is a feature that we have on our list. However, 
it isn't high on our list because the goals for the TDS are more about remote 
data subset access (OPeNDAP, WMS, WCS services e.g.) rather than remote data 
file download (HTTP, FTP e.g.).

For now, the main option for batch download that comes to mind is contacting 
the group running the server and asking them to create a tar.gz file (or some 
such) that contains the desired files and then have them send the file to you.

It might also be worth considering if a more on-demand pattern of access to the 
data would work. For instance, requesting subsets of the data as desired using 
OPeNDAP. Many netCDF client applications can open a remote OPeNDAP dataset as 
well as local netCDF datasets.

Hope that helps,


Ken Decoteau wrote:
> Good afternoon,
> Some of our scientists are working up some Fukushima data following a cruise 
> in the region and are trying to obtain the full dataset off the edac-dap3 
> thredds server for this feature.
> They are interested in:
> > http://edac-dap3.northerngulfinstitute.org/thredds/catalog/Fukushima/
> I spent a few minutes seeing if there was an easy way of rsync, wgeting or 
> lftp/mirroring this set for them and hit a bit of a wall. (They had been 
> clicking the files manuall.)
> Is there any suggestion of how we can get access to this entire set in one 
> go? We have plenty of space and bandwidth on our end, so it should be a fast 
> sync.
> Best,
> Ken Decoteau
> Engineer - Physical Oceanography
> Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

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