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[THREDDS #EKW-848317]: Multiple viewer links ignored in TDS v4.2.5

Hi Kevin,

To get multiple viewers, the viewer property names have to be unique and start 
with "viewer". If there are multiple property elements with the same "viewer*" 
name, only the first of that name will be used.


It should have been the same in 4.2.4.

All property elements are listed in the "Documentation" section. It is on our 
list to remove "viewer" properties from that section so they only show up as 
Viewer links. It just hasn't made it to the top of the list yet.

The viewers from property elements show up in the order they appear in the 


Kevin O'Brien wrote: 
> Hello -
> Back a while ago, there was much discussion about having the ability to
> add more than one viewer property to a dataset listing.  I believe that
> this was fixed in the 4.2.4 release.  I've recently upgraded to v4.2.5
> and the ability to define more than one viewer has once again
> disappeared.  From this catalog xml:
> <dataset name="NWS">
> <dataset name="Fukushima best time series" ID="fukushima"
> urlPath="ncom_fukushima_agg/Fukushima_best.ncd">
> <property name="viewer"
> value="http://upwell.pfeg.noaa.gov/erddap/griddap/northerngulfinstitute_a8f3_c2d4_2227.graph,
> Visualize with ERDDAP" />
> <property name="viewer"
> value="http://ferret.pmel.noaa.gov/geoideLAS/getUI.do?data_url=http://ferret.pmel.noaa.gov/geoide/dodsC/ncom_relo/fukushima,
> Visualize with Live Access Server" />
> <metadata inherited="true">
> <serviceName>ncom_remote</serviceName>
> <dataType>GRID</dataType>
> <documentation type="summary">Fukushima Aggregation</documentation>
> <geospatialCoverage>
> <northsouth>
> <start>34.0</start>
> <size>5.994007110595703</size>
> <units>degrees_north</units>
> </northsouth>
> <eastwest>
> <start>138.0</start>
> <size>6.998199462890625</size>
> <units>degrees_east</units>
> </eastwest>
> <updown>
> <start>0.0</start>
> <size>5000.0</size>
> <resolution>128.2051282051282</resolution>
> <units>meter</units>
> </updown>
> </geospatialCoverage>
> <variables vocabulary="CF-1.0">
> <variable name="salinity" vocabulary_name="N/A" units="psu"
> vocabulary_id="">Salinity</variable>
> <variable name="surf_atm_press" vocabulary_name="N/A" units="Pascal"
> vocabulary_id="">Surface Atmospherics Pressure</variable>
> <variable name="surf_el" vocabulary_name="N/A" units="meter"
> vocabulary_id="">Water Surface Elevation</variable>
> <variable name="surf_roughness" vocabulary_name="N/A" units="m"
> vocabulary_id="">model surface roughness</variable>
> <variable name="surf_salt_flux" vocabulary_name="N/A"
> units="psu-m/s" vocabulary_id="">model surface salinity flux</variable>
> <variable name="surf_solar_flux" vocabulary_name="N/A"
> units="degC-m/s" vocabulary_id="">model surface shortwave
> flux</variable>
> <variable name="surf_temp_flux" vocabulary_name="N/A"
> units="degC-m/s" vocabulary_id="">model surface temperature
> flux</variable>
> <variable name="surf_wnd_stress_gridx" vocabulary_name="N/A"
> units="newton/meter2" vocabulary_id="">Grid x Surface Wind
> Stress</variable>
> <variable name="surf_wnd_stress_gridy" vocabulary_name="N/A"
> units="newton/meter2" vocabulary_id="">Grid y Surface Wind
> Stress</variable>
> <variable name="water_temp" vocabulary_name="N/A" units="degC"
> vocabulary_id="">Water Temperature</variable>
> <variable name="water_u"
> vocabulary_name="eastward_sea_water_velocity" units="meter/sec"
> vocabulary_id="">Eastward Water Velocity</variable>
> <variable name="water_v"
> vocabulary_name="northward_sea_water_velocity" units="meter/sec"
> vocabulary_id="">Northward Water Velocity</variable>
> </variables>
> </metadata>
> </dataset>
> </dataset>
> I would expect two additional viewers to be listed - but I only see
> one.  In fact, I only see the first viewer property that gets listed,
> whether it be the LAS or ERDDAP viewers.  Any idea why this has gone
> missing in 4.2.5?
> Also, Is there any specific reason why the viewer properties get listed
> on the TDS page like so:
> Properties:
> * viewer =
> "http://upwell.pfeg.noaa.gov/erddap/griddap/northerngulfinstitute_a8f3_c2d4_2227.graph,
> Visualize with ERDDAP"
> Looks a little messy and is somewhat redundant, since the actual link
> exists in the "Viewers" section.
> Lastly, is there a way to order the precedence of what gets listed in
> the Viewers section?  If I want to move ERDDAP and LAS to the top of the
> list, say...
> Thanks TDS Gurus!
> Kevin
> --
> Kevin O'Brien                   UW/JISAO
> Software Engineer               NOAA/PMEL/TMAP

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