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Re: TDS access control for OpenDAP requests

ok, btw, how many of these datasets (that are protected) are in one server? just trying to get a feel for the scale.

On 5/16/2011 12:35 PM, Cinquini, Luca (3880) wrote:
Thanks John, could you please let us know when we can download a new TDS 
version and try again ?
thanks a lot,

On May 16, 2011, at 12:31 PM, John Caron wrote:

On 5/16/2011 11:01 AM, Cinquini, Luca (3880) wrote:
Hi John,
        how's going ? I have a follow-up question to our brief conversation at 
GO-ESSP last week. Could you confirm that theoretically the TDS access control 
model should be able to secure access to http requests ending in .dods, besides 
those ending in .nc ?

The reason I am asking is because looking at the log files it seems otherwise. 
The ESG filters establish whether or not a URL is secure by calling 
DatasetHandler.findResourceControl(uri). Up to now, we have changed every URL 
of the form XYZ.nc.dods to XYZ.nc, and fed this last uri to the DatasetHandler, 
but this approach does not work for aggregations.

For example, this is what I see in the logs when making an opendap request on a 
single file:

2011-05-16T09:50:28.655 -0700 [     53640][      14] DEBUG - 
esg.orp.app.tds.TDSPolicyService - 
 resource control=null
2011-05-16T09:50:28.656 -0700 [     53641][      14] DEBUG - 
esg.orp.app.tds.TDSPolicyService - Uri changed.
2011-05-16T09:50:28.656 -0700 [     53641][      14] DEBUG - 
esg.orp.app.tds.TDSPolicyService - 
 resource control=esg-user is secure=true
2011-05-16T09:50:28.656 -0700 [     53641][      14] DEBUG - 
esg.orp.app.AuthenticationFilter - 
 is secure

You'll notice that the original URI 
*/hus_AQUA_AIRS_L3_RetStd-v5_200209-201006.nc.dods is NOT secure, but after 
dropping the last extension, the URI 
hus_AQUA_AIRS_L3_RetStd-v5_200209-201006.nc IS secure.

Off course I might be doing something wrong here, but before digging any 
further I wanted to make sure that you think dods requests are treated just 
like normal file requests as far as security is concerned. FYI the catalog I am 
using to test is:


thanks a lot, it was great seeing you at the workshop,
hi luca:

this is a bug in our code. its looking for exact matches on access paths
. i will get a fix asap. thanks for finding it.


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