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Re: TDS and updating files

On 4/7/2011 12:31 PM, Eoin Howlett wrote:

Rich, John,


I am on a call now about the National HF Radar server and distribution of this data. We have a hurdle in that the recent (near real time) data is “whacky” (technical term). The lat/lons are all messed up etc..  When the cache gets cleared, the data looks fine.


I would put money on that the issue is connected to the fact that Scripps are creating a file in TDS catalog, and then they go back and update these same files rapidly as new data comes in from the radars. So it seems that these files get updated and some indexing gets messed up until the cache is cleared. Any suggestions?







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Hi all:

I agree that the overwriting is the likely culprit.

1) turn off all caching to see if that solves the problem, in threddsConfig.xml:


this requires a restart.

2) here are instructions i just sent tom about the next step if it keeps happening:

Get a clean set of logs that capture the problem:
  1. Stop the tomcat server.
  2. Install the latest release if needed.
  3. Remove/copy all files from {tomcat}/logs and {tomcat}/content/thredds/logs
  4. Restart the server
  5. Make the problem happen
  6. Zip up everything in {tomcat}/logs and {tomcat}/content/thredds/logs.
  7. Send the logs and a detailed description of what you do to make the problem happen, and what the problem looks like. If it took a while to get the problem to happen, note what time it happened so that we can correlate with the logs.

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