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[THREDDS #DBM-443174]: NetcdfSubset service not working with non-standard THREDDS paths

Hi Kevin,

The NCSS HTML form action URL was hardcoded to start with "/thredds". I've 
checked in a fix to instead use the actual context path of the server (see [1] 
for steps necessary for changing the TDS context path).

This fix will be included in our next release (TDS 4.2.6). There are a few more 
bugs I'm tracking down so 4.2.6 probably won't be out till at least early next 

Also, there are a few links on this HTML form page that will be a bit trickier 
to un-hardcode the use of "/thredds" (a title, a .css file, and a .gif file). 
I've added this to our ToDo list.

Thanks for reporting.



Kevin O'Brien wrote:
> Hi TDS gurus -
> I discovered a problem in the NetcdfSubset service when running a
> thredds server not using the default "thredds" content path.
> The THREDDS server in question is:
> > http://ferret.pmel.noaa.gov/geoide/catalog.html
> as you can see, rather than "thredds", I've chosen "geoide" for the
> content path/name.  All other services work fine.  After setting up the
> NetcdfSubset service, and applying that service to a particular dataset,
> such as:
> http://ferret.pmel.noaa.gov/geoide/carbontracker.html?dataset=ct_flux
> I can select the "NetcdfSubset" service link and get the UI which allows
> me to select spatial and temporal ranges for the subset.  However, when
> I hit the "Submit" button, I get an error because the URL that is being
> generated is:
> http://ferret.pmel.noaa.gov*/thredds/*ncss/grid/ct_flux?var=bio_flux_optimized&spatial=all&north=89.5000&west=-179.5000&east=179.5000&south=-89.5000&temporal=all&time_start=2000-01-01T01%3A30%3A00Z&time_end=2001-04-11T22%3A30%3A00Z&horizStride=
> Note default "thredds" in url.  If I change the URL to the correct
> thredds instance name, everything works fine:
> http://ferret.pmel.noaa.gov*/geoide/*ncss/grid/ct_flux?var=bio_flux_optimized&spatial=all&north=89.5000&west=-179.5000&east=179.5000&south=-89.5000&temporal=all&time_start=2000-01-01T01%3A30%3A00Z&time_end=2001-04-11T22%3A30%3A00Z&horizStride=
> Looking at the html source for the NetcdfSubset UI, I see that the
> default form action is
> <form  method="GET"action="/thredds/ncss/grid/ct_flux">
> I poked around a bit, but I'm not sure where I'd want to make the change
> so that the form points to my thredds instance.
> Any suggestions would be appreciated!
> thanks
> Kevin
> --
> Kevin O'Brien                   UW/JISAO
> Software Engineer               NOAA/PMEL/TMAP

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