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[THREDDS #ZPN-256477]: FW: New GSICS Re-Analysis Correction files

Hi Peter, Tim,

The server at the URL below is running TDS 4.0.24 (2009-07-24). Our current 
release is TDS 4.2.3 (with 4.2.4 coming out soon). A lot of work has gone into 
the caching and updating code since 4.0. I would suggest you upgrade and see if 
that solves the problem you are seeing.

Here is a link to some configuration changes/additions between 4.0 and 4.2:


Let us know if that solves the problem.


Peter Miu wrote:
> A user of the EUMETSAT THREDD server is experiencing a refresh problem
> with the OpenDap service.
> The THREDDS server receives a new file every day replacing an existing
> file on the server. When the OpenDAP service is invoked, then information
> received via the OpenDap protocol by the browser shows the data from the
> file that was replaced.  I thought this feature was due to the browser
> using information from it local cache but even after clearing the cache,
> this feature still occurs.
> I suspect that the source of the problem is THREDDS not scanning the file
> again because it has the same file name thus assumes that it is the same
> file so sends the information it has store in its cache.  I also suspect
> that restarting THREDDS would solve the problem but we donât want to do
> this as this file is replaced on a daily basis.
> Ideally is there are configuration variable in THREDDS to check the file
> time so that it will rescan new files.  If not then can we force THREDDS
> to rescan all data sets in a scan directory when they are selected on
> the client side.
> I look forward to your reply and thanks for your support.
> Regards,
> Peter Miu
> Data Services Operations Engineer
> User Service Division
> Eumetsat-Allee 1
> 64295 Darmstadt
> Germany
> From: Tim Hewison
> Sent: Thursday, February 03, 2011 8:37 AM
> To: Peter Miu
> Subject: RE: New GSICS Re-Analysis Correction files
> Hi Pete,
> Itâs doing it again!
> Even after I clear the cache in my browswer, the OpenDAP still shows
> yesterdayâs version, while the Httpserver correctly links to todayâs
> version.
> http://gsics.eumetsat.int/thredds/catalog/msg2-mviri-metopa-iasi-demo-rac/catalog.html?dataset=msg2-mviri-metopa-iasi-demo-rac/W_XX-EUMETSAT-Darmstadt,SATCAL%2BRAC,MSG2%2BSEVIRI-MetOpA%2BIASI_C_EUMG_20080601000000_demo_03.nc
> Tim

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