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[THREDDS #SPQ-636224]: Offline gbx8 files causing ucar.ma2.InvalidRangeException in TDS 4.2.3

Hi Greg,

Attached are the scripts and the conf files, there is documentation in the 
header of the conf files.

Here's the contab entries:

# GribBinaryIndexer  binary indexes 8.0 indexes
9 * * * * util/GribBinaryIndexer.pl -t /opt/tds-index/gbx8 > 
yIndexer09.gbx8.log 2>&1
# GribBinaryIndexer  binary indexes
19 * * * * util/GribBinaryIndexer.pl -t /opt/tds-index/gbx8 > 
ryIndexer19.gbx8.log 2>&1

The important flags are the -t, top of TDS distribution, the next directory 
down needs to be the lib directory with the TDS jars, -j flag the latest java 
location and the -f flag where the conf file resides. Since we run multiple 
indexers and each creates a directory lock, it's possible that locks are not 
removed when the script is not terminated normally, so the -c flag is used to 
clear all locks. Use carefully. Normally the locks are removed by the program. 
If you don't use a conf file, then the -d flag needs to be used so the indexer 
knows where to start indexing.

            /^(-c)/ && ( $clearLocks = "clear" );
             /^(-d)/ && ( $startDir = shift ) ;
             /^(-f)/ && ( $conf = shift ) ;
             /^(-j)/ && ( $JAVA = shift ) ;
             /^(-t)/ && ( $tomcatHome = shift ) ;

The manageFilesDirs script has the -f flag for the conf file location and the 
documentation is in the conf file header. crontab is:
30 21 * * * util/manageFilesDirs.pl -f /local/ldm/etc/manageFilesDirs.conf > 
/data/ldm/logs/manageFilesDirs.log 2>&1

Hopefully all the information was provided, if not let me know.

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