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Re: New Client Reply - [THREDDS !GLB-616895]: NetCDF Subset Service often inaccessible (HTTP Status 500 - Internal Server Error)

THANKS, JOHN!!! I copied the OOSTethys's saxon jar into the tomcat lib directory and my NCSS page has been successfully displaying in TDS again!, and hasn't failed for almost a day now (longer than it ever did before). This has been plaguing me for several months. Thanks for solving the mystery! I'll post something about this to the OOSTethys group as well.
John Maurer

> What now? Do I need to run OOSTethys in it's own Tomcat container rather than using the same one I use for TDS and LAS?
> that should fix the problem of ncss form failing.
> there are other things that could be done if you want to keep the same tomcat.  most likely you would have to push the saxon jar up into the tomcat lib directory.

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