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[THREDDS #CZI-169887]: thredds/content

Hi Roland,
On 7/19/2010 9:45 AM, Roland Schweitzer wrote:
> I'm trying to come up with some more clever ways to deploy LAS and I
> like the way THREDDS builds the content/thredds directory from the war
> on start-up which survives new war file deployments and can be customized.
> Is this concept of putting material that needs to survive between
> deployments of the war file in TOMCAT_HOME/content a standard for
> servlets or convention you adopted?  Are there tools that automate
> checking and deploying this content directory or did you develop the
> logic and code yourself to copy the files from the exploded war file
> location to the content directory?

The use of the TOMCAT_HOME/content directory for storing configuration files is 
not a servlet standard nor is it a widely used convention. Thinking about it 
now, another option would be to set up a directory in the user's home 
directory, though it would require a scheme to keep the configuration for 
multiple TDS instances separate.

Yes, we developed the code ourselves to check and copy over the initial content 
from the exploded war content.

We also allow TDS admins to change the "content" directory to somewhere outside 
TOMCAT_HOME as described on this page:


If you are interested in code level detail, most of the code for all this is in 
thredds.servlet.ServletUtils and thredds.server.config.TdsContext.


> Thanks as always,
> Roland

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