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[THREDDS #XIG-399067]: default colorScaleRange for WMS within the TDS?

> Hi Rich, all,
> I've just discussed this a little with Ethan.  I think we came up with the 
> following options:
> 1) Configure the default colour scale on a dataset-by-dataset, 
> variable-by-variable basis using the TDS catalog, by adding attributes to the 
> NcML for each dataset.  This allows fine control in-place, but would involve 
> the use of a non-standard attribute, which could change in future depending 
> on discussions in CF.  (Also, I see the configuration of the default colour 
> scales as a property of the server, not the dataset, although this is 
> arguable.)
> 2) Configure the default colour scale on a dataset-by-dataset, 
> variable-by-variable basis using a separate config file, perhaps 
> threddsConfig.xml or a file that is linked from it.  This allows fine 
> control, but is separate from the catalog.  When a dataset is added to the 
> catalog, the default colour scale settings would have to be added to the 
> separate config file.  However, this method would not require the use of 
> non-standard attributes in the catalog.
> 3) Provide a set of "global" (i.e. per-server) defaults for each CF standard 
> name.  This has four main disadvantages: many users don't use standard names 
> (or they don't exist for some quantities); the list of standard names is very 
> long; the defaults would have to be different in different units; and the 
> defaults (if set for typical globe-scale regions) would probably be 
> unsuitable for regional datasets.
> There could be some combination of the above.  But I think we preferred 
> option (2) above overall.
> What do you (and others) think?
> Cheers, Jon

A variant on this - we now have a Berkeley DB key/value store where one can 
persist such info. When asked for the range, first look to see if there is a 
user-configured one. If not, look to see if theres one thats been stored for 
that dataset and variable. If not, generate it and store it.

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