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Re: [THREDDS #XIG-399067]: default colorScaleRange for WMS within theTDS?

On 6/2/2010 4:20 AM, Rich Signell wrote:
> Jon,
>> The colour scale range is set per-variable, not per-dataset.
>> The only sensible way I can see for a sysadmin to configure
>> this accurately would be within the TDS catalog in NcML, for
>> example:
>> <variable name="temp">
>>    <attribute name="defaltColorScaleRange" value="-5.0 35.0"/>
>> </variable>
>> (If we agreed on a syntax for this it would be an easy change
>> in the WMS code I think.)
> So this would be an addition to the CF conventions, right?
> It could be supplied in the original dataset or introduced via
> something like NcML.   It might be called simply "defaultRange"
> as it could be used for other uses in addition to color scales
> (e.g. default axis limits for line plots).
>> It might also be possible to provide a global set of defaults
>> per CF standard name in a configuration file for variables
>> that don't define a range explicitly.
> I like this idea as well, because it would allow much simpler
> handling of this common case:  there are a bunch of models
> forecasting temperature in a region with a significant annual
> cycle, and you want the default color range on the WMS to
> change every month so that you can see spatial gradients
> regardless of the time of year.
> This is why I like the current ability in ncWMS to edit the
> defaults on a dataset-by-dataset, variable-by-variable basis.
> Rich

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