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[THREDDS #ZTB-960075]: Thredds + Apache + SSL

Just testing the server with a browser:

2. https handshake - self-signed server certificate
3. no authentication challenge

My guess is HttpClient wont allow self-signed certificates - i will investigate.

However, the lack of an authentication challenge seems to imply the server is 
misconfigured. why would you do http without authentication? Hank, are you 
administering this server? Is that your intention?

> Hi John,
> John Caron wrote:
> > It appears that a browser request also fails, implying that the
> > problem is on the server. Can anyone else confirm that? Im at
> > the airport over a flaky wireless proxy.
> No, once I accepted their self-signed certificate, I have no problem 
> accessing their server from my browser. Both catalog:
> https://dpg-ingest.dpg.army.mil/thredds/catalog.xml
> and datasets, e.g.:
> https://dpg-ingest.dpg.army.mil/thredds/dodsC/nam/20100310_1800_mesoEta_212_33.grib.dds
> In ToolsUI, I couldn't get to either. I think because the Jakarta Commons 
> HttpClient isn't dealing with certificates or self-signed certificates. When 
> it gets to executeMethod() it goes off and returns with a Connection Failed 
> exception with a timeout message.
> Ethan

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