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[THREDDS #SLB-576483]: Thredds/Google Earth WMS Issue

Hi John,

Can you describe your proxy configuration? Are you proxy-ing a Tomcat server 
through an Apache server? We have a web page that discusses the use of 
mod_proxy and mod_jk and gives links to more documentation:


What versions are you running (JDK, Tomcat, TDS)?

If you have TDS remote management setup:


you can also check that the TDS is getting the right information from the 
proxy. From the remote management page 
(https://server:port/thredds/admin/debug), click on the "Show HTTP Request 
info" link (.../admin/debug?General/showRequest) and check that the first few 
fields (server and port) are as expected.

If that is all as you expect, then any problems you find are bugs that we need 
to fix. You shouldn't have to modify the code or the JSPs to get things 
working. But if you want to dig into the code it is available at


Let us know if your proxy looks good and we can dig into the problem.


> I'm a contractor working at the Navy Oceanographic Office, and we are
> behind a firewall and using proxy to point to the host server.  We are
> using THREDDS to serve netcdf file data.
> I'm experiencing issues when using the THREDDS WMS with Google Earth.
> The THREDDS catalog displays fine and we are able to view the
> GetCapabilities response of all valid NETCDF files.   Initially, the
> host server name would be displayed in the "Online Resource" elements
> of the GetCapabilities response from the WMS.  To correct this, I
> modified the capabilities_xml.jsp and capabilities_xml_1_1_1.jsp files
> to replace  the host name in the "wmsBaseUrl" variable as follows:
> ${fn:replace(wmsBaseUrl,'hostServer','proxy Name')}.  This change
> causes Google Earth to fail on reading the layers in the netcdf file.
> If I leave out the replace function, Google Earth can re ad the layers,
> but the wrong certificates are presented (not the proxy certificate,
> which is required).
> There is no issue when generating the getCapabilities xml file in
> FireFox/IE.   I can also view the image generated by THREDDS in the
> browsers when entering a well-formed URL.
> The issue only occurs with Google Earth.  Do you know of a fix for this
> or is the source available so that I can make the correction in the
> class file versus the JSP.
> Thanks,
> ______________________
> John C. Thadison
> Radiance Technologies

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