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[THREDDS #WSO-407852]: Problem with accessing OpenDAP data

Hi Adam,

> I am having trouble accessing some of the HYCOM data through OpenDAP.
> The data I have been trying to access is this:-
> http://tds.hycom.org/thredds/dodsC/GLBa0.08/expt_05.8.html
> If I select, for example, some of the v velocity data the Data URL it gives 
> is:-
> http://tds.hycom.org/thredds/dodsC/GLBa0.08/expt_05.8?v[0:1:100][0:1:32][0:1:1000][0:1:100]
> When I 'use' this in Ferret v6.2 I only seem to get invalid data, whilst the 
> ascii
> that appears when I click on 'Get ASCII' looks to be valid.
> I have asked a colleague who is familiar with OpenDAP and he finds the same
> problem when trying to access this data. Other datasets that he uses regularly
> from other sites work fine.
> Am I doing something wrong?

Try handing Ferret the unconstrained dataset URL (i.e., without the "?v[...]") 
and then selecting and subsetting a variable through Ferret. Ferret should be 
able to construct and request the correct subset (using a URL similar to the 
one you list above). I'm not that familiar with Ferret or how to subset a 
dataset but here's the result of a quick google on "ferret opendap":


which has a link to


which looked useful.

Hope that helps,


> Thank you in advance,
> Adam Blaker
> Southampton, UK

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Ticket ID: WSO-407852
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