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[THREDDS #DRR-610037]: FillValue....

> Hi John,
> > The latest version of CDM can read your BUFR file as point data.
> Which version do you mean (4.0) ?

i havent tested 4.0, but i would recommend 4.1

> > What is it supposed to be? swath data?
> > The problem with BUFR is that theres no arbitrary metadata, so its hard
> > to tell what it is -- unless you just know.
> > Ive appended the BUFR header and schema dump.
> A description from our web site:
> Atmospheric Motion Vectors at all heights below the tropopause, derived from 
> 5 channels (Visual 0.8, Water Vapour 6.2, Water Vapour 7.3, Infrared 10.8 and 
> the High Resolution Visual channel), all combined into one product. Vectors 
> are derived by tracking the motion of clouds and other atmospheric 
> constituents as water vapour patterns. The initial resolution is a 24 pixels 
> grid (HRV 12 high res. pixels), but as the algorithm tries to adjust the 
> position to the point of the maximum contrast (typically cloud edges), the 
> end resolution varies. Each AMV is assigned to a height using techniques 
> varying with channel and tracked feature. An AMV product contains between 30 
> 000 and 50 000 vectors depending of the time of the day, and uses SEVERI 
> image data from Meteosat-8 and onwards.

thanks thats helpful. im still not sure if these are point data or swath data ??

> thanks for your support,
> Michael

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