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[THREDDS #TND-409701]: Please add LambertConformalConicEllipse (and Albers, AlbersEllipse) to WCS

Hi Rich,

The problem is that we can't currently write valid GeoTIFF files using these 
projections. The netCDF-java library can handle data in these projections. The 
TDS can serve the data over WCS just not if a GeoTIFF response is requested.

Updating the GeoTIFF code will require a bit of coding and some digging into 
the GeoTIFF spec to figure out the appropriate tags. I will toss this over to 
our GeoTIFF person, Yuan, to see what he thinks.


> I'm using TDS Version 4.1.20091023.2359 - 20091023.2359  with this WCS
> GetCoverage request:
> curl -o file1.nc 
> 'http://blackburn.whoi.edu:8081/thredds/wcs/mag/WY?service=WCS&;
> version=1.0.0&request=GetCoverage&format=GeoTIFF&coverage=mag_anom&bbox=-110.0,4
> 2.0,-107.0,43.0'
> which is failing with
> 2009-10-30T13:02:47.286 -0400 [  52226201][    5152] ERROR - 
> thredds.server.wcs.
> v1_0_0_1.WcsHandler - Unknown problem.
> java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Must be lat/lon or LambertConformal or 
> Merca
> tor and grid = 
> ucar.unidata.geoloc.projection.proj4.LambertConformalConicEllipse
> at ucar.nc2.geotiff.GeotiffWriter.writeGrid(GeotiffWriter.java:989)
> at ucar.nc2.geotiff.GeotiffWriter.writeGrid(GeotiffWriter.java:130)
> at thredds.wcs.v1_0_0_1.WcsCoverage.writeCoverageDataToFile(WcsCoverage.
> java:253)
> I bet the new LambertConformalConicEllipse (and probably Albers,
> AlbersEllipse) have simply not been added to the list for WCS, right?

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Ticket ID: TND-409701
Department: Support THREDDS
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