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[THREDDS #DRR-610037]: FillValue....

Hi Michael,

I don't believe this data can be viewed in the grid viewer. The problem is that 
netCDF-java/CDM expects gridded data to have coordinate variables without any 
missing values (so it can map between i,j and lat/lon). [John, please correct 
me if I'm wrong on this.] An "image" feature type would be more appropriate. 
Unfortunately, netCDF-java/CDM doesn't yet have an image type.

Outside of that, a few comments regarding some of the variable attributes:

  1) The valid_* and _FillValue attribute values are all strings. The
  strings are typed ("0b", "-90.0f", etc) but somehow ended up as
  strings instead of the intended type.

  2) The variable "lon" has valid_max,min of 90,-90 instead of 180,-180.

I didn't find the examples we looked at during the workshop. I'll look a bit 
more and ask John about them as well.


> Dear Thredds-Support,
> we had been taken place in the Unidata THREDDs workshop this year in Boulder 
> and during this
> some of our data was analysed, which we wanted to serve using THREDDs.
> We had been advised to add the "FillValue" into our latitude/ longitude 
> definitions such
> as the data was supposed to be properly displayed within the Grid View.
> We have changed this definition now:
> http://gsics.eumetsat.int/thredds/catalog/mfg15NetCDF/catalog.html
> but the data itself still does not get properly displayed within ToolsUI, 
> Grid View.
> Would you be able to give us advise what is still wrong with the data ?
> We unfortuneatly did not take back the modified NetCDF files from the 
> workshop, which
> would have given us the possibility to cross check our updates.
> best regards,
> Michael Schick

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