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[THREDDS #SJR-268270]: timeCoverage present

Hi Dave,

> I did a quick search in the mailing list archives
> and couldn't find any questions on this. When I
> use present for the <end> of a timeCoverage block
> it always says the time the server was restarted.
> I thought the point of the "present" key word was
> that it would always say the current time. Is that
> not correct?
> I am using Tomcat 6.0.14 TDS with Java 1.6.0_03.

Hmm. We've fixed this problem at least twice and I thought had some descent 
tests in place for it. So, I'm a bit surprised that you are seeing it in (the latest 3.17 release).

On the other hand, it might depend on whether the catalog you are seeing this 
in is a TDS configuration catalog or a catalog generated by a datasetScan. Are 
you seeing the problem in one or both of those situations?

Are you planning on upgrading to 4.0?

I'll dig into this more tomorrow.


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