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[THREDDS #BOZ-874608]: preferred procedure for upgrading the TDS

Hi Rich,

Sorry for the delay ...

> Very useful -- thanks!   So after digesting this,
> I'm wondering:
> After modifying TDS catalogs, I use the Tomcat
> Manager, and is it also better to use "stop/start"
> instead of the "reload" on the thredds service?
> And do both let existing thredds requests finish
> gracefully?

I'm not completely sure about this but I believe that "reload" on the Tomcat 
manager is the same as a "stop" followed by a "start". (The "stop" and "start" 
option just allows you to do things while the web app is stopped.)

If it is just TDS catalogs that have changed, the "Reinitialize" service on the 
TDS Remote Mangement page will also do the trick. This is a TDS service so it 
doesn't bring the TDS down at all, it just re-reads all the TDS catalogs and 
updates the information the TDS maintains from those catalogs.

Note: The TDS Remote Management page requires some Tomcat user setup and that 
SSL is enabled. The TDS Remote Management page is:

http://server/thredds/admin/debug (in 4.0)
http://server/thredds/debug (in 3.17).

More on the setup can be found in the TDS Tutorial at


and the TDS Reference at



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