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Re: [netcdf-java] problem getting axistype

Adit Santokhee wrote:
Hi John,

Its still not working.
Please find attached the ncml file we use for this dataset. As Jon pointed out, this used to work but now doesn't.



John Caron wrote:
the coordinate systems look ok to me. the lat and lon axis types dont get recognized because they use degrees as units instead of degrees_north and degrees_east, respectively, as CF requires. thats why you will get a null in your code.

the grid display looks wrong, however, probably because X has "100 km" units, and y has nothing, so km is assumed.

using the CoordSys tab of ToolsUI is one way to look for these kinds of issues.

address@hidden wrote:
Hi John,

The dataset is available here:


Hi Adit:

Im still seeing the same problem in this opendap dataset, so your new ncml 
doesnt seem to be in there. Did you restart the server?

You might want to double check this in the CoordSys tab in ToolsUI.

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