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[netCDF #ZQW-177600]: Accessing NetCDF variable sections using a command over the Net using OpenDAP

Hi Peter,

> Is this possible ?
> Basically I want do what you THREDDS OpenDap service does but in batch form.
> e.g. from the following page I would like to extract from the Ch1 variable,
> lat- 0:1:20, lon - 0:1:20, in some command line way (so I can create a Unix 
> shell script to do it).
> http://gsics.eumetsat.int/thredds/dodsC/mfg15RadiancetCDF/W_xx-EUMETSAT-Darmstadt,VIS+IR_IMAGERY,MET7+MTP15_C_EUMS_20090420183000.nc.html

You could make an OPeNDAP request with 'wget' but you would get an OPeNDAP 
response which probably isn't what you want if you are going to save the 
results to disk. A better bet is probably to add the NetCDF Subset Service 
(ncss) to the configuration of these datasets and make an ncss request using 
'wget'. That way you get back a netCDF file which is a bit easier to deal with 
as a local file.

You just need to add the following service element to your existing compound 

    <service name="ncss" serviceType="NetcdfSubset" base="/thredds/ncss/grid/" 

the "servicType" and "base" values need to be as above, the "name" can be 
whatever you like.

Hope that helps.


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