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Re: Netcdf-Java guidance needed

Hi David:


has some complete programs that should be helpful.

David Leserman wrote:
> Hi, John.
> Browsing the http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/software/netcdf-java/, I see
> that you've written a lot of the documentation and that you're the
> THREDDS, NetCDF-Java expert at Unidata, so I pose my query to you.
> I find extensive documentation for the details of NetCDF-Java on the web
> site. What I can't find is any example of a complete Java program that
> would be used to access some data. I believe that with one or two
> examples, I could complete my task (described below). Can you direct me
> to such an example? If you're not the person to ask, can you suggest
> someone else?
> I'm an individual attempting to use MADIS datasets to glean a few
> parameter values for a single station, KBJC, for every hour for 3+
> years. I'm looking for the METAR values for SKYCVLB (sky cover layer
> base), DD (wind direction), FF (wind speed), FFGUST (wind gust), VIS
> (visibility), PCP1H (accumulated precip - 1h), and PCPRATE
> (precipitation rate).

we dont yet have the MADIS data being served through a THREDDS Data Server. We 
are working on that and will keep you informed. You might look at our 
experimental METAR server at


this service will be up and down, but any feedback would be appreciated.

good luck!

> I use a Mac, I did some Java programming 10 years ago, and I did some
> consulting for Dave Fulker at Unidata about 15 years ago, so Netcdf-Java
> is an approach that appeals to me. I've already downloaded 0.25 TB of
> MADIS files from pftp.madis-fsl.org. (It would have been better to glean
> the little bit of data I needed via a server, but I was ignorant, and
> now I have the data here, so I might as well use it.)
> Thanks very much for whatever guidance and or pointers you can provide.
> Best regards,
> David Leserman
> 303.931.2475

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