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[THREDDS #QHQ-114609]: THREDDS OPeNDAP usage question

Hi Mike,

> We currently have client software that can be used to perform netCDF
> reads from an OPeNDAP server that's serving MADIS netCDF files.  This
> is done by simply using a URL in the NCOPEN function.  We are
> considering setting up a THREDDS catalog, and since there is an
> OPeNDAP server under the hood of THREDDS, we would like to know if we
> could use this *instead* of the separate OPeNDAP server.  Is that
> feasible?  Can you still put a URL in the NCOPEN function, perhaps
> with different syntax, when issuing a request via THREDDS?

The underlying OPeNDAP protocol should be the same for all OPeNDAP servers. So, 
if your client can read the MADIS data from the existing OPeNDAP server, it 
should still work if you switch to a THREDDS Data Server (TDS).

The URL syntax should be the same. At least the OPeNDAP specific parts of the 
URL (which you probably don't enter into your NCOPEN function). A few details 
at the start of the URL may change, for instance, if you had


it might now be


Is your client one that you developed to deal with MADIS data? Or a general 
netCDF client that you've changed? Is there a netCDF library under the hood? C 
or Java or ...?

Hope this helps. Though I'm not sure if I'm really answering your question.
Let us know if you have any other questions.


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