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[THREDDS #QGG-522175]: arguments for a jnlp

Hi Yolanda,

> Since my laste mails asking you for support I have being making progress
> on configuring our thredds service.
> Now I have another problem that I cannot solve: I want to launch a home
> mede viewer: I have developed it and make a jnlp file which works well
> except this
> My jnlp launches a jar file which prints out the arguments given to it.
> I pass the {url} argument to my jnlp file in the catalog.xml
> <property name="viewer" 
> value="{url},oceantic"/>

> and gives the result:

> apparently this is what a want but the jar does not recognize
> "?";
> as an argument.
> If I run
> java -jar myviewer.jar  mytext
> it prints out
> mytext
> 1-How should I pass the argument Url to jnlp to be able to print out the
> url?

Try changing "{url}" in your viewer property to "url={url}". [You could also 
use "url={WCS}" if you always want the WCS access URL, or "url={OPENDAP}" if 
you always want OPeNDAP.]

The "{url}" gets replaced by the current dataset URL before the link is made on 
the web page. So you should get a link that looks like:

The JNLP template file will have any pattern that looks like "{NAME}" replaced 
by the value of the HTTP query parameter with the same name. So, in the case 
above, any occurance of "{url}" in your JNLP template file will be replaced by

The documentation on adding viewers is not very clear on this. I will work on 
rewriting the documentation:


> 2- If in the catalog.xml I want to send an argument directly to the
> getcapabilities request as this
> <property name="viewer" 
> value="{url}?request=GetCapabilities&version=1.0.0&service=WCS,
>  oceantic"/>
> It does not work because of ? and & characters. Do ypu know how can I
> solve this?

Similar to above, you need "url={url}". As for the ? and & characters, you 
could try to url encode them replacing "?" with "%3f" and "&" with "%26" like:


Hopefully, the resulting link will look like:


with the encodings still in place. Because then I would expect the "{url}" 
pattern in the JNLP template file to be replaced with the unencoded value. 
Which is, I think, what you want.

If that doesn't work, you might try replacing the "=" with "%3d".

If that doesn't work, we'll have to dig into the code and see where things are 
getting expanded.

Hope that helps,


> Best regards,
> Yolanda

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