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[THREDDS #FYW-620774]: TDS: forward slashes only in "location"?

> TDS folks,
> I just spent 15 minutes trying to figure out what was wrong with
> TDS4.0 running locally serving local data on my PC.
> In the end, I figured out that TDS4.0 requires forward slashes instead
> of backward slashes.  So
> This works:   <netcdf
> location="c:/rps/cf/coastwatch/2009_009_1710_aqua_ex1_Rrs667.hdf"/>
> This doesn't:   <netcdf
> location="c:\rps\cf\coastwatch\2009_009_1710_aqua_ex1_Rrs667.hdf"/>
> Has it always been this way?


> I tried to find documentation on this, but probably didn't look hard enough.
> I thought I had used backwards slashes in earlier versions, but perhaps not.

once can use \\ but only on a Windows machine.

/ always works, no matter what platform - i recommend it.

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Ticket ID: FYW-620774
Department: Support THREDDS
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