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[THREDDS #JUG-478150]: Question re NOAAPXCD and THREDDS

Hi Martha,

Sorry for the late reply; I was off skiing yesterday (Thursday is basically the
day I try to get out and ski :-)

> Thank you for the sample files.  As a test, I took the pqact.thredds
> file and stripped out most of the directives, except for one set of directives
> which handle GFS/AV Ngrid output. (As a quick and dirty we tried using your
> pqact.thredds as is, but that threw out errors right and left so I decided
> to try a small subset of it).

OK.  A quick comment is that the most likely error in pattern-action files is
the use of spaces where tabs are required.

> I edited ldmd.conf to include the first "exec" directive which you show
> below, and restarted ldm, but while our regular decoding/filing started fine,
> there is an error in the ldmd.log hollering about my edited pqact.thredds. I 
> am
> attaching ldmd.conf, ldmd.log, and pqact.thredds for you to look at.

A quick look at the pqact.thredds.txt file you attached shows the sort of error
that I alluded to above.  Each action entry you have uses spaces where tabs
are needed.  For example:

HRS     ^[YZ].(A)... KWB. ([0-3][0-9])([0-2][0-9]).*/m(AVN|GFS|SSIAVN|SSIGFS)

- the whitespace between HRS and ^[YZ]... must be a tab
- the whitespace before FILE must be a tab
- the whitespace before data/pub/native must be a tab

I have edited your pqact.conf.txt file and attached it (as pqact.conf) to this 
NB: all I changed was conversion of spaces where tabs were needed.  I did not 
or touch the actions themselves.

> Also, the pqact.thredds which you sent us in its comments section implies that
> the directory structures will be created, but I take it that is a misreading 
> on
> my part?  I did create /data/pub/native/grid/NCEP... to match the structure 
> shown
> in my test pqact.thredds.

'pqact' FILE actions will create the output directory structure _IF_ it has 
permission for the directory(ies) to be created.

> Thanks for your help.

No worries.


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