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[THREDDS #RTG-134199]: Catalog configuration: Date selection

Hi Yolanda,

There isn't currently a way to configure the TDS to split a data collection in 
the way desired.

On the other hand, there are a few possibilities if you are interested in 
writing some Java code. Let me know if you are interested in this option.

> I am currently configuring a thredds Server and I would neen some help
> for the following issue:
> I have a local directory for all my satellite data.
> Through the TDS catalog I want to make two datasets based on the date of
> the files:
> One dataset with files newer than 15 days
> Another with older files.
> I have attemped two possible ways:
> 1) One with latest service
> <datasetScan name="My Data" path="myData" location="c:/my/data/"
> serviceName="myserver" >
> <addProxies>
> <latestComplete name="latestComplete.xml" top="true"
> serviceName="latest" lastModifiedLimit="21600" />
> </addProxies>
> </datasetScan>
> But At the end the result was not a list of newer files: they seemed
> aggregated
> 2) with
> <filter>
> <include wildcard="A$(date+ %Y)$(calc $(date
> +%j)-15|bc)*_sst.nc" />
> </filter>
> This is taken from a bash script but apparently this is not what TDS
> wants...and I don't see how a regex can calculate current date minus 15
> days...
> Can you help me with this?
> Best regards,
> Yolanda Sagarminaga
> AZTI- Spain

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Ticket ID: RTG-134199
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