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[THREDDS #JUG-478150]: Question re NOAAPXCD and THREDDS

Hi Martha (and Randy),

> We have setup UNIDATA THREDDS server on our NOAAP decoder system
> NOAAPXCD to look at GRIB and GRIB2 data.  When we set up a dataset and
> try to look at it in IDV, we are seeing each individual file that is
> being written out to disk, i.e., files such as GFS.81.2009034.1200.*.grib
> and similarly for GRIB2.

> We have looked in /home/mcidas to try to figure out naming
> conventions for GRIB and GRIB2 files, but while we have found some material,
> we can't map everything in a file name to what the file contains.

The GRIB/GRIB2 filing method used by McIDAS-XCD is not compatible with THREDDS.

> Conversely, on MOTHERLODE we see files that contain all the data for a
> particular model etc.  i.e., the TDS example shows data stored in
> /data/ldm/nam_12km with file names like 2008110312f000.grib2.

Correct.  The processing being done on motherlode.ucar.edu for THREDDS is 
from the processing being done for McIDAS.  I wish they were the same and/or 
but they are not.

> Essentially we are trying to create our own motherlode from the noaaport
> grib and grib2 files that are being decoded but are looking for a
> mapping in order to organize the data by model, resolution etc.. We
> suspect since grib files contain only 1 forecast time that catting the
> files together is necessary. In fact,as a test we did that and were able
> to look at it in IDV.

Your hunch was correct.  The THREDDS processing approach concatenates all fields
and all levels for a single timestep into a single file on disk.  THREDDS 
then build a catalog for these files and THREDDS itself serves them to clients.

> Can you help with this?

Separate 'pqact' invocations are 'exec'ed fromthe ~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf file on
motherlode.ucar.edu as follows:

# THREDDS processing
exec    "pqact -f ANY-CONDUIT-NNEXRAD-CRAFT /opt/ldm/etc/pqact.thredds"
exec    "pqact -f CONDUIT|SPARE /opt/ldm/etc/pqact.threddsconduit"
exec    "pqact -f NNEXRAD|CRAFT /opt/ldm/etc/pqact.threddsradar"

I have included the pqact.thredds, pqact.threddsconduit, and pqact.threddsradar
files we use on motherlode for THREDDS processing as attachments to this reply. 
Hopefully, they will help guide you in your THREDDS setup.

By the way, I am not quite sure what to make of or how to respond to the folder
layout you included below:

> folder  NCEP Model Data                --
> folder  Global Forecast System (GFS) Model             --
> folder  NCEP-GFS-Alaska_191km/                 --
> folder  NCEP-GFS-CONUS_80km/           --
> folder  NCEP-GFS-CONUS_95km/           --
> folder  NCEP-GFS-CONUS_191km/          --
> folder  NCEP-GFS-Global_0p5deg/                --
> folder  NCEP-GFS-Global_onedeg/                --
> folder  NCEP-GFS-Global_2p5deg/                --
> folder  NCEP-GFS-Hawaii_160km/                 --
> folder  NCEP-GFS-N_Hemispheric_381km/          --
> folder  NCEP-GFS-Puerto_Rico_191km/            --
> folder  North American Model (NAM)             --
> folder  NCEP-NAM-Alaska_11km/          --
> folder  NCEP-NAM-Alaska_22km/          --
> folder  NCEP-NAM-Alaska_45km           --
> folder  NCEP-NAM-Alaska_45km-noaaport/                 --
> folder  NCEP-NAM-Alaska_45km-conduit/          --
> folder  NCEP-NAM-Alaska_95km/          --
> folder  NCEP-NAM-CONUS_12km            --
> folder  NCEP-NAM-CONUS_12km-noaaport/          --
> folder  NCEP-NAM-CONUS_12km-conduit/           --
> folder  NCEP-NAM-CONUS_20km            --
> folder  NCEP-NAM-CONUS_20km-surface/           --
> folder  NCEP-NAM-CONUS_20km-selectsurface/             --
> folder  NCEP-NAM-CONUS_20km-noaaport/          --
> folder  NCEP-NAM-CONUS_40km            --
> folder  NCEP-NAM-CONUS_40km-conduit/           --
> folder  NCEP-NAM-CONUS_80km/           --
> folder  NCEP-NAM-Polar_90km/           --
> folder  Rapid Update Cycle (RUC) Model                 --
> folder  NCEP-RUC2-CONUS_20km           --
> folder  NCEP-RUC2-CONUS_20km-surface/          --
> folder  NCEP-RUC2-CONUS_20km-pressure/                 --
> folder  NCEP-RUC2-CONUS_20km-hybrid/           --
> folder  NCEP-RUC2-CONUS_40km/          --
> folder  NCEP-RUC-CONUS_80km/           --
> folder  Downscaled GFS with Eta Extension (DGEX)               --
> folder  NCEP-DGEX-CONUS_12km/          --
> folder  NCEP-DGEX-Alaska_12km/                 --
> folder  NWS National Digital Forecast Database                 --
> folder  NDFD-CONUS_5km/


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