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[THREDDS #CXD-368286]: <variables> metadata in THREDDS catalogs

Hi Roland,

OK. I got it.

The problem is that the ThreddsMetadata.Variables.toString() method really 
sucks. It returns "null" in all but the most uncommon of cases. You should have 
a Variables object from which you can getVocabulary() and get back, in the case 
of your vars.xml catalog from an earlier email, "CF-1.0". You should also be 
able to get a List of the Variable objects it contains. Again from vars.xml, 
the one Variable the list contains should for getName() return "clivi".

Sorry about that. I've improved the toString() in both our 3.16 and 4.0 code.


> I got the latest 2.2.22 (netcdfUI-2.2.22.jar) which has the same
> version number but appears to be a newer file than the one I had.
> It didn't change anything.
> I'm running my tests on Ubuntu 7.4 with Sun jdk1.5.0_05.
> Can you make the server which is serving the version of the
> catalog you are successfully parsing public if it's not
> already? I'd be curious to try your catalog with my code.

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Ticket ID: CXD-368286
Department: Support THREDDS
Priority: Critical
Status: Closed

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