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Re: Updating Aggregations in TDS

We are going to add this kind of functionality to 4.0, currently it doesnt 

How do you detect when data changes?

Roy Mendelssohn wrote:
> Hi John:
> I am glad we understand how recheckEvery works.  It is consistent with
> what we were experiencing.
>> basically you want to do the recheck in the background, and then
>> accept whatever is there when a request comes in? Or you want to
>> detect whenever the directory changes?
> Because other things, such as web page displays, need to be updated when
> data is added, we already have a system where we know when data have
> been added to a dataset.  What we would like to do is at that point
> force a recheck for that dataset, and hopefully only for that dataset,
> rather than the entire catalog.  If we can do that, we probably will
> turn off the recheckEvery because we know every dataset will be up to date.
> Does this makes sense?  If need be, we can write a script in Java to do
> the above, if we can get advice on the best way to do this.
> Thanks,
> -Roy
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