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Re: Tomcat can't create threads with THREDDS

my best guess at the moment is that the file caching is causing out-of-memory 
errors. try reducing the number of maximum files allowed.

see THREDDS File Handle Caching (not Java disk cache) in


Roy Mendelssohn wrote:
> Hi John:
> Might take awhile to set up a test.  part of it may be that we are
> serving a lot of data, so the TDS creates a lot of threads, and we are
> linking to a lot of remote datasets, which appears to give THREDDS some
> heartburn.
> All we get are the to errors you saw- the connection times out and
> produces an error, and then over time we get the message that a "new
> thread can not be created" and that holds for all the catalogs past our
> initial first page catalog.  The tomcat keeps running, it just can't
> produce new threads to do anything.
> Is there some other setting we can do that would help -  believe we
> already have verbose mode turned on.  We have monkeyed with the java
> settings repeatedly, and still are unclear the best ones.  Some internet
> sites say for productions servers, the min and max should be the same,
> so that garbage collection works right, we have tried setting the
> garbage collection to diferent things - most made it more unstable not
> less.
> Thanks,
> -Roy
> On Sep 23, 2008, at 9:18 AM, John Caron wrote:
>> Hi Roy: I got both, thanks.
>> I tried to reproduce with no luck so far. One can call a broken catref
>> a million times and it wont consume memory. I have eliminated the
>> stack trace and just put out a warning now, so the logs are a bit more
>> readable.
>> however, there may be a way that the threads get lost, or something
>> else in your use case that im not duplicating.
>> how exactly does the catref get broken? does it return a 404 or just
>> hang or ???
>> can you can reproduce the problem reliably on a test server?
>> Roy Mendelssohn wrote:
>>> We have had to do several restarts the last couple of days.  To keep the
>>> file size manageable  (one may or may not got through) I have edited
>>> them to the last couple of days.  Let me know if you get both files.
>>> -roy
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