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[THREDDS #QRW-321404]: OpenDAP access to a collection dataset

Hi Thomas,

Thomas Im wrote:
> I've created a THREDDS server and I'm using the datasetscan element to
> create a collection dataset of netcdf files.  I would like to retrieve
> this dataset via OpenDAP.  I've included the "Access" attribute in the
> datasetscan element but this produces a Catalog parsing error and
> provides an Access url that is unreachable or cannot be found. Do you
> have a recommendation on how to approach this?  I've included the
> catalog and log files. We're new to the software so please bear with
> us. Many thanks.

You don't actually need the access element. The inherited metadata/serviceName 
element references the service element that will be used and the urlPath 
information will be built automatically when the datasetScan generates the 

So, try removing the access element all together and see how that works.


PS. Just an FYI on the message you are getting in catalogErrors.log

*** XML parser error (33:60)= cvc-complex-type.2.4.d: Invalid content was found 
starting with element 'access'. No child element is expected at this point.

is a bit misleading (as XML parser validation errors tend to be). The error is 
caused because the access element is defined as a child of dataset and so must 
come before any of the datasetScan specific child elements. If you moved the 
access element to immediately follow your metadata element, you wouldn't get 
this error any more. However, that wouldn't solve your problem as the access 
element is blocking access (as least in the HTML view) to the scanned data.

> UC San Diego - OOICI


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