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[IDV #KOO-280301]: Reading data via URLs in IDV: setting Content-Length and Accept-Ranges headers

Hi Dave,

I will check with our web admin person. However, those are both pretty standard 
headers so I would be surprised if they aren't in the default setup. You won't 
always get "Content-Length" response headers, for instance, you won't get it if 
the response contains a "Transfer-Encoding: chunked" header. I'm not sure about 
situations where the "Accept-Range: bytes" response header isn't included.

Are you seeing errors in the IDV dealing with these headers? Or are you looking 
at the response headers directly? Is your server publicly available so I can 
take a look at it?



> I have a Mac running Mac OS X 10.5.3 and Apache 2.2, which apparently
> by default doesn't have "Content-Length" and "Accept-Ranges: bytes"
> headers set in its httpd.conf file (or in any loaded modules). I'd
> like to set these headers so that I can read files from my Web server
> into the IDV.
> After studying whatever documentation I could dredge up on the Web for
> several hours and trying a few things unsuccessfully, I'm resorting to
> the IDV support mailing list.
> What is the syntax for adding these two headers, presumably to
> Apache's httpd.conf file? Where in the file should they be added? What
> value should I assign to Content-Length?

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